Lelo dot review - Futuristic tech for multiple orgasms, really?

Welcome to the Lelo Dot Review, You’ll love this one

Now you need to understand that I love all things sex. Every time I order a new sex toy, my excitement levels explode like a child forcing themself to sleep on Christmas eve.

I promise I’m not materialistic. I don’t need any diamonds. My obsession is luxury toys, and Lelo toys is one of my favorite brands.

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Why I had to wait for my first orgasm?!

woman lying in her bed happy

My husband and I were taking a short break alone in New York. It was my turn to surprise him with a new toy, and the Lelo dot was something that I was very excited about. 

My husband woke up early and grabbed us some coffee from our favourite coffee shop a few blocks away.

This was my opportunity to test this futuristic toy for the very first time.

I grabbed the box, got myself comfy, and readied myself for one-to-one stimulation with our new toy. It was only fitting that I tested this clitoral vibrator on myself before he returned with coffee and some intense foreplay.

As I grabbed the box, there was a loud knock at the door. Nope, there was no way I was going to let anyone interrupt. ‘Knock Knock’ went the door again; Arrhhh!

With reluctance, I grabbed my robe and opened the door. I was faced with two women in their 50s carrying silver trays. Hubby had surprised me with breakfast in bed. While this was a fantastic gesture, it wasn’t the kind of services that I was craving.

After about 5 minutes of the two women fumbling at the table, they finally left me alone with my dot. I jumped back into bed, grabbed the box, threw my robe on the chair, finally had the vibrator in my hand, and was ready to go.

With the tip of my finger, I gently pushed the center button, and my toy began its vibrations.

‘Knock Knock’ went the door once more. You’ve gotta be kidding me, one of the ladies had returned, “your cutlery, madam,” she explained. I snatched them out of her, and with a death stare, I hung the ‘do not disturb’ sign on the door and returned to enjoy my quality time.

"While this was an amazing gesture, it was the kind of services that I wasn't craving."

do not disturb door hanger in black and white
women in bathrobe black and white

Finally, I was alone. It was time to unbox my Lelo dot and stimulate my very willing and excited erogenous zones.

Lelo didn’t fail to disappoint with the discreet but quality packaging of this high end sex toy. Upon opening the stylish black box of futuristic pleasure, I couldn’t escape the look of this lilac teardrop-shaped clitoral stimulator.

I chose the lilac dot because purple symbolizes spiritualism and imagination. It also comes in pink or aqua. They all look great, but a girl gotta choose.

If Tony Stark designed a sex toy for Pepper....

The Lelo dot design is a next-generation of sex toys. I’m pretty sure Princess Lea would have one taking pride of place in the middle of her toy box. It’s as if Tony Stark designed a sex toy for Pepper Pots as a wedding gift.

My first impression of the new Lelo dot

lilac lelo dot display

Holding the Lelo dot vibrator in my hand for the first time, I could feel the quality and love that went into building the toy. The shining gold circle for comfort and style, super soft silicone casing all the way up to the flexible tip. The Lelo dot left me under no illusion that this lush sex toy was going to be fun.

Turning it on to turn you on

On the side, you’ll find three buttons. You have plus and minus buttons to control the tip intensity from low to high frequency. The center button will get it, and You going. Flip it around and use its natural vibration as a massager.

You will also find a black velvety soft storage bag, a USB charger and a Lelo personal moisturiser. 

lelo dot boxed in lilac

what colours does lelo dot come in

Lelo dot boxed in aqua
lelo dot boxed in pink

What is infinite loop technology?

The classic motion of vibrators is pronominally circular, whereas the Lelo dot uses elliptical motion. Its tiny but mighty oscillating motion or elliptical pattern, as Lelo likes to call it at the very tip, doesn’t deliver the broad stimulation like classic vibrators but what Lelo describes as pinpoint stimulation.

I must confess I hadn’t heard of this type of stimulation, but now, I don’t just like it. I love pinpoint stimulation, but more about that and multiple orgasms later 😉

What is elliptical motion?

Think of the infinity loop or the figure of eight motion. An endless loop motion provides consistent clitoral stimulation with elliptical movement. The pleasure sensation is multiplied by the use of different angles or by simply applying more pressure to the clit.

Lelo dot in lilac side view
a woman in pink dress holding Lelo dot lilac

Lelo Dot Review: The BIG question did it make me orgasm?

How does the vibrator work?

It’s Designed to suit your mood. The Lelo dot lowest setting will satisfy the soft and gentle one in you, while the higher settings will play with the naughty You. With 8 vibration modes, you can easily adjust the tip vibrations by pressing the plus and minus buttons without interrupting your play. The handle is a nice touch allowing you to control the game and change the angle or the position of your love toy if you suddenly feel like you need a gentle anal or nipple touch.

How to use the Lelo dot


For best results, apply a little Lelo Personal Moisturizer to the tip of your dot and any part of your body you plan to stimulate.


Get yourself into a comfortable position and press the middle button to switch the dot on. Use the minus and plus buttons and choose between 8 pleasure settings. For intense orgasms, focus on the clitoris and let the infinite loop technology take over.


The Lelo dot provided varied strength and intensity depending on the pressure applied or the preferred angle of choice.

lelo dot packaging

Intense Masturbation

Usually, I always go for solo play with my new toy so that we can get to know “each other” before I have my husband use them on me. This way, I can fully immerse myself and discover new unique sensations I haven’t felt before.

Is the Lelo dot worth it?

With the Ledo Dot, it was love at first sight. Of course, honey, I have the purple one! It has a sexy look, and the purple gets my fantasy working. The sweet emergency lube tube included for free in the packaging came in handy as I had ordered it for our hotel room and didn’t have my accessories.

Did I orgasm?

Once it was nice and wet, I moved it gently from the back of my neck to my nipples through my belly button down to my clitoris. I had it on a low level as I like gentle clitoral stimulation. And yes, the first orgasm arrived.

The second of many orgasms to come

It didn’t take long to get orgasm number two. When I increased the vibrator speed, it got my juices flowing again and again and again.

I kept moving it from my clitoris to my anus, which was an absolute new pleasure. Not long after, guess who was in my bed?

girl in red bikini lying down

Can my partner join in?

My lover and me and the Lelo Dot. Just the three of us. I can’t lie that the Lelo Dot tip enhanced my sensations during foreplay and intercourse. My husband knows my body. He is a real Sex God, and we often experiment.

new lelo dot packaging in lilac

Final verdict - This vibrator works

Sorry hubby, but I’m in love with Lelo. He’s now coming everywhere with us and will make a great addition to my lady bag dressed in his sleek, velvety storage bag. 

You get two hours of love-play before it needs to power up. That’s a guarantee for unlimited orgasms. Traditional vibrators may numb the clit due to saturation, but the innovative technology of Lilo Dot, with its elliptical and infinite loop movement, is precisely made for multiple orgasms.

Why do we love Lelo so much?

We love Lelo because Lelo isn’t just a brand. LELO is a self-care movement. The slogan “Come together” talks about their mission of discovering the wonders of your own body and reaching that orgasm. Like they say: “ecstasy without shame” because your age, gender, race, or orientation don’t matter, and you can have as much as you like. 

Let’s be honest. Lelo toys are of the highest quality.

a couples bare feet showing under the blanket
lelo dot in lilac colour


Material: Body-safe silicone, ABS Plastic

Finish: Smooth

Size: 60 x 46 x 165 mm / 2.4 x 1.8 x 6.5 in

Weight: 98 g / 3.5 oz

Battery: Li-Ion 520 mAh 3.7 V

Charging: up to 2 h at 5.0 V 500 mA

User time: up to 2 h

Standby: 90 days

Frequency: 133 Hz

Max. noise level: < 60 dB

Interface: 3 buttons


The pinpoint shape lets you meticulously stimulate any erogenous zone using the soft

and bendable tip to steer the oscillations.


LELO DOT offers eight different

vibration patterns, varying in intensity from

a teasing murmur to a satisfying pulse.


Elliptical movement for a completely new unique sensation, reinventing orgasms as

we know them.


 LELO’s classic body-safe silicone design 

allows for deeply fulfilling and hygienic pleasure. 

It’s extra soft to the touch.


Lelo toys don’t only have a sleek and attractive look. You can feel the quality of the toys the moment you hold them. Lelo shows what the future of sex toys has to offer by leading the market in design, innovation and technology. They’re holders of XBIZ excellence in product and packaging awards. 

Lelo is more than a leading luxury brand. It’s also a self care movement. Their toys are body safe and of highest quality. With a great range of luxury toys Lelo has something for you whether adult toys are aliens to you or you have them in your daily bag. 

The Lelo Dot is very quiet at only 60db. If you consider a whisper is just 30db. Your toy according to the CDC is about as loud as a modern air con unit. You won’t be waking up the neighbours with this one.

Lelo dot is IPX7 waterproof which means that it can be submerged up to one meter for no more than 3o minutes. It’s important not to take an IPX7 rating and believe that you can keep your toy underwater for however long you please. Your toy can get damaged. However Lelo offers a 100% waterproof toys which means they will be completely sealed and you can immerse them in water. TO CHECK IF YOUR TOY IS 100% WATERPROOF, CHECK THE PACKAGE. IT WILL CLEARLY STATE 100% WATERPROOF.

  1. Get comfortable
  2. Press the center button to turn it on. 
  3. Adjust the level of vibration using the plus and minus buttons. 
  4. Adjust the angle to your level of satisfaction. 
  5. Enjoy limitless orgasms.
  6. Turn Lelo off by pressing the middle button. 

You can rinse wash thoroughly with antibacterial soap and hot water or you may want to opt in for an adult toy cleaner. Always pat dry with a lint-free cloth or towel. Don’t use cleansers containing alcohol, acetone or petrol. It’s important to sanitise your toys every time before and after you have used them to prevent infections. 

Thanks for checking out our Lelo Dot review, I hope it helps you with you purchase, I know you’ll love this futuristic sex toy.